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National Admission and Accreditation Council

From a broader perspective, the NAAC has a 5-fold vision. 

  1. To organize periodic assessment and accreditation of institutions, units, specific academic programs/projects of higher education.
  2. To promote the quality of teaching-learning and research in the higher education academic environment.
  3. To stimulate areas like  self-evaluation, accountability, autonomy, and innovations.
  4. To get involved in research studies, consultancy and training programs.
  5. To foster stakeholder collaboration for quality evaluation, promotion, and sustenance. NAAC maintains or upholds the quality of HEIs through collaboration, stakeholder involvement, by bringing more accountability, transparency, and self-evaluation systems.

The new process  Student Satisfaction Survey, Data Verification, and  validation  that augments the whole objective of NAAC. 
Here is the order of the nationally accepted NAAC process:

  1. HEIs registration in the NAAC website.
  2. Institutional Information for Quality Assessment (IIQA).
  3. Self-Study Report (SSR) Quantitative Metrics submission on acceptance of IIQA (On rejection, an institute has 2 attempts to RESUME the IIA form within 1 year).
  4. Proceed to Data Validation & Verification (DVV) process and Pre-qualifier Score.
  5. Preparation towards the Student Satisfaction Survey (SSS).
  6. Onsite Peer Visit by NAAC.
  7. NAAC announces the Institutional Grading.


NAAC critically focuses on getting a criteria-based assessment into the following seven areas of higher education.Teaching & Learning, Evaluation 
  • Research, Consultancy, and Extensions 
  • Infrastructure and Learning Resources 
  • Student Support and Progression 
  • Governance, Leadership, and Management 
  • Institutional Values & Best Practices.