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Exam Management

The Pre–Exam Management System is designed to manage, track and monitor the examination activities of colleges and universities. The system enables the university to validate the applications and enables a digital platform for colleges and students to get Admit cards, Exam Forms. The university can digitally distribute automated cutsheet and signature chart for colleges to plan the exam delivery. The University can onboard panel members through system for question paper preparation and authorization of question papers and keep secrecy of the question papers. The System has provision for conducting Main, Reappear exams for the students.

The system enables the universities to do fast processing of the result. The encoding and decoding process of the exam answer sheet process make seamless and evaluators can do marking of exams using OCR sheets. The automated way of process ensures zero error in the result tabulation, process and publish. The digital platform helps to do on screen marking of exam answer sheets which makes the process faster and foolproof.